Founded in 1915, the Hong Kong Chinese Christian Churches Union has a history of more than 90 years. With more than 320 member churches now, the Union is the most prominent Christian organization in Hong Kong.
Despite the efforts made in evangelizing the gospel to everyone in co-operation with local churches, the Union is committed to express the care to the community. In recent years, the economic setbacks suffered by Hong Kong and around the world have caused difficulties to countries, societies and individuals. Organizations providing front-line services are consequently pushed into financial straits and find it hard to carry out their mission and services.
In response to these circumstances, the Union launched the Mission Matching Fund in 2008 to combine the strengths of churches, believers and other sectors in the society. The Fund supports local and mainland projects which are evangelical, educational, charitable and medical etc., intending to walk with struggling Christian organizations to carry out God’s mission as well as care for the community.